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Nike Fire Iridium Style. Now Available!

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Real Visors: $169.99 $152.99 + Shipping

Custom made Iridium and Mirrored Football visors at an affordable price.


Extreme Football Visors

The Visor Inserts are made to give you the mirrored look at a fraction of the cost of a real visor.  They are designed to go behind a clear visor.  Currently, they are made for Oakley and Nike Gridiron Eye Shields.

Check out some great pictures of professional and amateur players sporting iridium and mirrored style visors. 

Each visor is custom made to order.  We have several colors to choose from including: Fire Iridium, Inferno Iridium, Red Iridium, Silver Mirrored, Emerald Iridium, Blue Iridium, Gold Iridium, and Green Iridium.  We also have a Clear Mirrored available to order.

Player Photos

Football Visor Inserts

Iridium Style Football Visors